Research Topic


1. Business Idea : Our group are planning to open up a new coffee shop Which is located around Liverpool street station.

2. Market Investigation and reason : To succeed in new entrepreneur, we will research things in advance as follows;

(1) Demand for Coffee around this area : There are already several coffee shops. So, without excessive demand  etrance will be likely to fail.

(2) Competitors & the extent of Competition : Important factor for  whether enter or not

       – Not too many competitors

       – Easy entrance(No barrier)

       – Gradual inflow of population

3. Model or Theory : Porter’s Five Forces model

–  Examining and Evaluating the coffee Market.

4. Reasons for choosing this area : Given situation for group presentation

5. Demonstration of use of the Ishikawa diagram

Population————————————–> Coffeeshop open

Competitiors————————————>Coffeeshop open

Availibility—————————————->Coffeeshop open


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