Analyze experience of writing a Literature Review

We got the Research Topic in seminar class; it was the thing about Business Idea that our group planned to open up a new coffee shop which is located around Liverpool street station. After seminar, our group discussed roughly how we prepared for our research and as a first phase, we decided to implement literature review according to individual views. I paid attention to start up process because it meant a failure if new enter in market prepared for well. Therefore, I searched ‘start up’ related to literatures in Locate at first.  As well as this, I had to know current state in UK coffee market and I searched the statistics in PASSPORT which was database about industry in Locate. I was able to grasp the general process and contents for successful new coffee shop open, moreover, figure out the demand or supply of coffee market in U.K. However, I could not acquire the direct coffee shop material around Liverpool station and I could not choice but to observe on my eye. As a result of literature review, I found out there are already too many coffee shops in U.K, and so, without careful prepare entrance would be likely to fail. And it became clear what we would do to succeed and which process we would progress afterward.


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