Analyse experience of collecting and analysing data

After made questionare, our group had meeting for discussion of following activities such as data collecting and data analysing and so on. As it always is, we couldn’t consent easily. After all, we agreed that all guys took a charge of 10 samples in aspect of data collection. However, even though I sent quesstionare to 18 people, only 5 people replied.

Finally, our group could acquire  49 sample and started to analyse each sample results. When it comes to analyizing data, we divided results into 2 groups; Marketing 4P(price, place, product, promotion) and others( consumer behavor).

After individual analysis, we gathered again and could turn out the final data. It was a very interesting work to change the results into graph or pie chart. I realized that chart was superior methods to understand well than simple number or table. However, in case of me, as I was poor at Excel program befor this try, I was worried about data analysis. However, the programe was easier than I thought and I finalized without big mistake.


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