Analysis about experience of presenting my own research

As most group activities were often, there were many conflicts when we implemented this research process. However, we could finish finally the research with respect of others, even though sometimes angry with others and hate to each others. When the date of presentation was releaed, we gathered, after drawed the gist of presentation and fixed each part of all presentation. Of course, we had many different opinions about the gist and we could not choice but to coordinate opinions. Through the process, we could know clearly the direction of our presentation and important parts. In case of me, I became in charge of data analysis. On that day, we all were worry if we could finish without big mistakes. However, we did well, especially, we were praised about the design of ppt. Lastly, I felt If I had presentation opportunitity again afterward, I should pay attention to eye contact more and think about how I derived crowd’s attentions. In conclusion, To be good presentator like Steve Jobs, we had to practise again and again, more importantly, dare to do the trial even though there are many crowd.


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